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  • Ezel





Ezel started as keyboard player at a local church back in 2001 in a initial romance with gospel vibes that led to deep search and desire to understand and express the groove. This became a life purpose. He became progressively and naturally a very active musician playing in local funk and soul bands of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and it was thru jamming and doing late night shows where Funk and RnB met Deep House that his path as an electronic soul oriented performer was lit.
He first moved to the United States where he travelled and played in well known clubs and parties in Miami ,New York, Chicago,Boston, Houston and other places.
This experience also brought some essential transformations to his being. It was during this trip that Ezel started his path in the african based tradition of Lucumi. He received his elekes and guerreros and began defining his way though the guidance and work of the Orishas and spirits.
In 2011, Ezel returned to the Dominican Republic and was blessed to be selected for a full scholarship to study Audio Engineering at the prestigious SAE School based in Barcelona, Spain. This opportunity allowed him to relocate to Europe and play in clubs and parties in Paris, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Madrid and Japan, where he played at the 2011 edition of the Tokyo Crossover Jazz Festival, sharing stage with the likes of Paul Randolph (Jazzanova), Navasha Daya (Fertile Ground), Kyoto Jazz Massive, among other artists.
His growth process allowed him to reach out and collaborate with other artists in more intimate and personal ways. Some of this collaborations are almost breaking out, some of them will be seen in future months and years. Ezel has transformed, now are more intimate and discreet, more knowledgable all around, definitely more humble and rooted on reality. His vision and ambition continues, his desire to reach and connect with his audience is more refined. It would seem like he has reached that time in his life where all the tools are put in place to fully grasp his full potential. To some that’s maturity, to other’s that’s growth. Whatever you call it, if you have felt this before, you know its an exciting place to be.